Nakliyat Yapanlar(non-registered)
Great photographer, Awesome pictures, Follow your dreams and keep up the great work. Looking forward to checking out your pictures and page. Congratulations achievements
Joe Sands(non-registered)
I' ve watched your work over 30 years. Your talent and passion are an inspiration for all. Truly a remarkable collection and career!
Phil Parlante(non-registered)
One of the best eyes when it come to picture content. I have watched Len for many years do an outstanding job.
Jeanette Frey(non-registered)
Lenny are an amazing artist ! All your work is exquisite !!!
Thank you again for the amazing photos you took of me Mr. Stucker! I feel so privileged.
You are a phenomenal photographer!
robert bob lalas
Wow amazing i found unique pictures that will inspired me a lot to work hard. I just need to study more so i will become pro just like you.
A true Artist!! You have a creative eye!! Keep seeing the world through your eyes!! It's ives the world something beautiful to see and feel!!
Amy Sckipp(non-registered)
Taste of Two Forks Photo 39~

I love the picture of my darling daughter, Keira Teagan! Thanks so much for choosing to take her picture! Your work is beautiful and I fell honored that she is a part of it!
anthony fort,lee(non-registered)
For many years i have watched you master every project you chose to attempt,from flying your own plane,to your own show on a major network.The art you display clearly shows your passion for creativity and excellance,it is what makes you tick.
My compliment Lenny. Very interesting captures and excellent post processing work.
My favorites are: Dancers, the Painted Photo Art and the B&W.
The dancers shots are incrediable, not easy to made shot like this, good timing, great light management and fantastic sharpness. The Painted Photo Art are wonderful, the post processing work enhance the beauty of your photos. Congratulations and thank you for sharing.
Jim Corcoran(non-registered)
hey hey! Lenny Jim from FEDEX talking to you yesterday about your pkg.....some really nice stuff on a really well done website...........Some of the Art pics look like a Topaz creation which is some thing I really like......Since my film days I am really glad to I got back into photography digitally.......really enjoy the vist Lenny, thanks Jim

I read ur bio and I guess you came from the film world as well......we really did learn our profession so well with film and its shows in your digital world
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